Paul J. Perlin - Chicago Board of Trade - Member

"After 47 years as a professional floor trader, and as a devotee of technical analysis and computerization, I can categorally state that I have never encountered anyone with the breadth of knowledge and insight about trading possessed by Chuck Dukas. Its been an honor to work with him each day over the past year."

Tim Driscoll - Boston Stock Exchange

"As a thirteen year veteran on the Boston Stock Exchange Chuck makes understanding technical analysis easy. Most importantly, he makes it useful in trading decisions. His skills in translating technical analysis into useable tools are impressive and they have assisted me in my trading results."

William H. - Worcester, MA

"I've read lots of books, spent thousands of dollars on investment seminars and cassette programs and I can unequivocally say that Chuck's educational training is the best by far. Chuck has condensed his 20 years of professional trading into an educational format that anyone can prosper from. It is clear, concise and easy to understand. If you apply his techniques you will be successful. I'll put Chuck's course nose to nose with the best Wall Street has to offer."

Tom C. - New Haven, CT

"I found Chuck's TRENDadvisor course to be encouraging, insightful, and knowledge-filled and thought provoking. The course assisted greatly in shortening my learning curve and guiding me to a formalized trading plan (which took months to create.) It provided me with knowledge and resources while inspiring creative thinking to be profitable while protecting my capital. I attribute my success to the TRENDadvisor course and Chuck's assistance and leadership!!! I have already highly recommended this course to other traders and I continue to highly recommend it to anyone interested in personal trading."

Jim Kahn, Senior Capacity Engineer, Intel Corporation, AZ.

"I am so pleased with the acuTREND Trading System. It is a well-thought-out, powerful, comprehensive trading system that has made me a lot of money. I couldn’t possibly have done this well without acuTREND. The process is clear and easy: acuTREND tells me exactly when to enter a trade, when to take 1st objective profits, and when to exit. It is like having an expert trading coach right there beside me day after day. I love it."

John R. - Boston, MA

"I want to compliment you on your seminar. It may have been the most professional, accomplished, well presented trading seminar I have ever experienced. Your methodology is absolutely beautiful. The clarity, simplicity and ease of execution are in a class by itself."