The Foundation of TRENDadvisor’s Winning System

Reading the MarketPhase - The MarketPhase comprises of 6 phases of trend. There are 3 on the Buy-Side and 3 on the Sell-Side.

According to Chuck Dukas, there is a clear distinction between price movements; and, with the advantage of modern day tools, he created a combination of technical indicators that form his TRENDadvisor Diamond.

The “Buy Side” and “Sell Side” of the Diamond highlight the technical traits found when demand dominates the action of buyers and conversely when the characteristics of supply overwhelm and the sellers take control of the action.

By establishing specific criteria that define each phase, trends are broken into separate components. Each phase describes a distinct price movement. The forces of buyers and sellers play out in the charts, thus allowing TRENDadvisor’s algorithm to profitably quantify supply and demand.

TRENDadvisor then takes the results and includes an analysis in a methodology and plan.