This proven system will help you profit in any market environment while trading any financial instrument.

Whether you're a seasoned professional trader or newcomer to the world of investing, you must develop a defined methodology and consistently apply it to control risk, preserve capital, and harvest profits. Now, The TRENDadvisor Guide to Breakthrough Profits outlines an integrated approach to market analysis and a sound trading strategy, known as the TRENDadvisor Diamond Methodology, this book will assist traders and investors locate low-risk/high-reward trading opportunities.

"Years ago Fortune magazine ran a powerful campaign about its media power under the slogan, ‘There is nothing more powerful than a trend.’ In reality there is something more powerful than a trend, and that is being able to perceive the beginnings and ends of trends."

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Ralph Acampora

"And it is authors like Chuck Dukas who continue to raise the bar for all of us when he writes that technical indicators will act differently during the six stages of his Market Phase Analysis. He wants his readers to understand that we should all approach the market with a trading plan and the discipline to carry out that plan. Enjoy Chuck’s book, I certainly did."

Tom DeMark, President, Market Studies, Inc.

“Identifying a market’s trend, defining a process to time entries and exits, and applying a prudent money management approach are all essential components to consistent long-term trading and investment success and profitability. With clarity and detail, Chuck Dukas presents a much needed prescription to introduce these important elements into one’s trading regimen. This book is essential reading for anyone who operates in the markets and intends to be a survivor.”

John Bollinger, CFA CMT

“Chuck Dukas has developed an interesting life-cycle framework for equity analysis rooted in traditional technical analysis concepts that harkens back to the pioneering work of Stan Weinstein. Model builders will no doubt be anxious to test these ideas in the crucible of the markets.”

Mike Epstein, Visiting Scholar, MIT Laboratory for Financial Engineering And a member of the American Stock Exchange Board of Governors

“This book, The TRENDadvisor Guide to Breakthrough Profits, not only is a valid comprehensive guide to exploiting profit opportunities in modern equity markets, but also has the virtue of being written by a seasoned professional with a real time record of doing just that. This is no ‘pie in the sky’ wanna-be trader’s hope chest, but a well thought-out, clear exposition of how equity markets actually work, and how to make money from them.”